Student and Alumni News

by Catherine Tum ’21 (Baruch)

Asimina Hamakiotes’s ’20 (Baruch) love for being challenged shines through her interests in mathematics and problem solving. As a child, Asimina played with puzzles and strategy games, not knowing that they would one day help her develop a strong mathematical mindset.

Asimina Hamakiotes 19 BaruchAsimina is a Meyer Scholar, currently studying abroad in Hungary as part of Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, one of the most renowned math programs in the world. Her daily routine is spent on hours of solving problem sets in class and seeing the historical buildings Budapest has to offer, like the Hungarian Parliament Building and Buda Castle. To Asimina, math is “like a sport in the sense that it works your brain.” When she’s not working her brain through a series of problems, Asimina’s working out in the gym. A member of the Baruch swim team, Asimina often goes to the gym between classes and enjoys going on long walks and training.

Furthermore, Asimina participated in an REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) program last summer in Oregon State University. She’ll also be attending another REU in Texas A&M this upcoming summer. The strong relationship she has kept with her REU mentor has helped her further advance in the math world, leading her to opportunities like BSM.

In addition to striving for success, Asimina hopes to make an impact in the future. After college, Asimina plans on applying to PhD programs for mathematics and work as a professor while continuing research. She accredits Macaulay’s support and praise for encouraging her to study abroad, present her research, and even apply to graduate school.

Asimina prides herself in her ability to stay grounded and find her passion. “Always keep trying, because sometimes the road we want the most is hard to travel, but we can’t give up – hard work goes a long way.”