Uninstall Flash

Why? Adobe stopped supporting the Flash Player application on December 31, 2020. This means that there will be no security patches or updates against potential vulnerabilities in the software. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you uninstall any version of Flash Player on your laptops to protect your system. MORE   Be sure to download … Continue reading Uninstall Flash

Joshua Kemp Named Schwarzman Scholar

Joshua Kemp ’17 was named Schwarzman Scholar. This prestigious designation will help him develop leadership skills while pursuing a master’s degree in global affairs at one of the top universities in China.

Extending Honors Opportunities

Macaulay Honors College has received a generous $200,000 grant from GS Humane Corp., a private charitable foundation, allowing the college to expand a program that creates a pathway to honors education for CUNY community college students.

Virtual Macaulay Backgrounds

Download these fun backgrounds and show your Macaulay pride at your next virtual meeting or event!  

Black Lives Matter to Macaulay

A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE MACAULAY COMMUNITY FROM DEAN MARY C. PEARL People everywhere are grieving and angry over the senseless death of George Floyd, whose murder once again reveals a police officer displaying a depraved indifference to the life of a Black person. Once again, we are haunted by a dying man saying, “I … Continue reading Black Lives Matter to Macaulay

Tech Preparedness

Macaulay’s long-term investment in instructional technology created specific advantages in the rapid shift to distance learning necessitated by the pandemic.

Continuity and Completion Policy

Our Academic Affairs team and the College Council have a set of rules to apply these policies specifically for Macaulay students and the Macaulay requirements.

Take the Census—and Help Macaulay

Students share their top 3 reasons for YOU to make sure the people in your households are counted in #Census2020.

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Macaulay Honors College

Macaulay’s COVID-19 Response

Read about the we are taking steps to ensure your safety, academic continuity, and community during COVID-19 restrictions.

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Macaulay Honors College

In Conversation with John Chan

John Chan, M.D. is a member of the Macaulay Parents Council. His son Luming Chan is a Macaulay senior. Parent Coordinator Stephanie Straffi interviewed John about his experience running a laboratory at Albert Einstein College of Medicine during the pandemic.