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Emilia Decaudin

Emilia Decaudin is a 21 year old activist and student in her senior year at the City College of New York, where she studies Political Theory and Intellectual History, as part of the CUNY BA program.

In September 2018, Emilia was elected as the youngest-ever member of the New York State Democratic Committee, representing the 94th Assembly District in Westchester County. She came out as the first-ever transgender member the following Summer, and in October of 2019, she spearheaded a successful effort to amend the rules of the committee to remove unnecessary references to the gender binary and to accommodate the election of gender non-binary members. She is continuing her efforts to foster inclusion of transgender and non-binary New Yorkers through her project Binary-Free NYC.

Emilia was born and raised in Westchester County, New York, in a family of French immigrants. She currently resides in Sunnyside, Queens, where she is now running for Democratic District Leader for the 37th Assembly District, Part A.

Florence Adeosun

Florence Adeosun is a Journalism and Creative Writing Major and a Theatre Minor. She is a director for the non-profit organization, Relume Foundation. She helps run their social media, is a volunteer SAT tutor for the organization, writes press releases for Relume, and she has helped in medical charity trips to villages in Nigeria. In 2019, she received the Arnold Picker Award of Excellence in Journalism. She also participated in the production of Godspell by the Macaulay Theatre Club. Florence plans on being an editor for a news organization and continuing her philanthropy in the future.