The Impact of Your Gift to Macaulay

Paula Garcia-Salazar ’15 (City College) came to the United States from Ecuador when she was just seven years old. Paula turned her experience of navigating the United States immigration system into a career and she credits the Macaulay Opportunities Fund for making this possible:

Paula Garcia-Salazar '15 (City College)

“My Human Rights First internship, in many respects, kicked off my career. The knowledge I gained and the professional connections I made at HRF propelled me into my current fellowship at Immigrant Justice Corps. The Macaulay Opportunities Fund allowed me to pursue an unpaid internship at HRF without having to compromise my financial stability; and I consider the experience a cornerstone in my career in immigration and human rights law and advocacy.”

— Paula Garcia-Salazar ’15 (City College)

The Opportunities Fund at Macaulay Honors College helps students like Paula expand their education beyond the classroom by pursuing internships, conducting research, or studying abroad.

Your gift today can help ensure that current and future Macaulay students realize their full potential tomorrow.


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