Special Initiative Committees

Macaulay Student Special Initiatives are partnerships between student groups on a variety of topics of interest and importance to the institution.




Community Service Committee

Mission: To enhance the experience around Community Service for Macaulay Honors College students. The Committee meets 4 times per academic year. 

Members: Chris Cali (Chair; Student Development), Veronica Maldonado (Student Services), Diane Phillips (Institutional Effectiveness), Cameron Stewart (Academic Affairs), Eileen Makak (Advising), Dr. Vanessa K. Valdés (Dean), (1) Representative from Career Development, Macaulay Scholars Council VP Community Service, (3) Representative from Macaulay Community Service Clubs 

Student Group(s): Macaulay Scholars CouncilMacaulay Service Initiative (2 Representatives),  Macaulay Against Cancer (1 Representative)

Diversity Committee

Mission: The Macaulay Diversity Committee serves as a collaborative effort between students, alumni, and staff that meets 4 times per academic year to discuss ways to support Macaulay students of color, specifically focusing on Black and Latinx students.

Members: Dr. Vanessa K. Valdés (Dean), Melissa Schwartz (chair; Student Development), Veronica Maldonado (Student Services), Marianne Booufall-Tynan (Enrollment Management), Gianina Chrisman (Staff Diversity Taskforce), Brianne Donnelly (Alumni Relations), (2) Representatives from Macaulay Diversity Initiative, (1) Representative from Macaulay Scholars Council, (2-3) Macaulay Alumni

Student Group(s): Macaulay Diversity Initiative; Macaulay Scholars Council

Pre-Professional Committee

Mission: To centralize and support pre-professional development opportunities and resources. This Committee meets 4 times per year.

MembersVacant (chair; Student Development), Gianina Chrisman (Career Development), Brianne Donnelly (Alumni Relations), Ben Ross (Advising), and (4) Student Leader Representatives, one from each pre-professional Macaulay student club

Student Group(s): Pre-Law Club, Pre-Health Professions Club, Business Club, MHC++

Senior Committee

Senior Committee

Mission: To brainstorm and plan exciting events/projects leading up to graduation. Graduating seniors serve on this committee to help us plan the events and experiences that they’d like to see during their last days at Macaulay. The Committee meets 4-5 times per academic year.

Members: Melissa Schwartz (co-chair; Student Development), Janet Fu (co-chair; Strategic Events), Brianne Donnelly (Alumni Relations), interested students from the senior class.

Student Leadership Roles include: (1) Student Legacy Gift Coordinator, (1) Senior Events Coordinator

Student Group(s): Senior Committee

Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee

Mission: To create and promote green and sustainable practices within the Macaulay Building and Macaulay Community. The Committee meets 4 times per academic year.

Members: Sara Mazes (co-chair; Building Services), Kelly O’Donnell (Academic Affairs, Science Forward), Chris Daversa (co-chair; Student Development), Ted Widmer (Academic Affairs), (2) Student Representatives from the Macaulay Green Initiative

Student Group: Macaulay Green Initiative