Macaulay Student Name Change Policies & Checklist

Please use the Student Name Change Request Form for the areas listed below:

  • Macaulay Student Email
  • Macaulay Student ID/ Cultural Passport
  • Macaulay Database
  • Macaulay Monday and other Digital Communications
  • My Macaulay Advisor


Macaulay Student Name Change Form


Review this list when changing your preferred name. Please contact your home campus if you need to change your home campus email and/or student ID.

    Preferred Name Change on your Home Campus

    CUNY respects students’ names and recognizes that students may be unable to go through a legal name change during their time here. The College is committed to using a student’s preferred name during their time as a student. Any student can provide their preferred name on CUNYfirst or in person at their campus’ Registrar office by submitting a CUNYfirst Preferred Name Request Form. The entire process can be done online. Instructions below.

    CUNYfirst Preferred Name Change:

    – Go onto the CUNYfirst Webpage
    – Log into your account
    – Go to Student Center
    – Scroll down to Personal Information and Click “Names” on the left hand side
    – On that page you should be able to add a name and indicate that it is your preferred name.

    Please note that this will only change your name on CUNYfirst, it is not a legal name change. After making this update your preferred name will also be shown on campus class rosters and Blackboard.

    Home Campus Class Rosters:

    The class roster that faculty download will reflect your preferred name the following semester after you update it in CUNYfirst or by submitting the form to Registrar. We recommend making these changes during the Summer or Winter sessions so your name is correct for the following semester.

    Gender Update Process on your Home Campus

    No documentation is required to update your gender in CUNYfirst. You will need to fill out the Gender Change Request Form and submit to your home campus’ Registrar’s office.

    Please be aware, however, that updating your gender in CUNYfirst may cause a mismatch if you are a recipient of federal financial aid. You are advised to contact your college’s financial aid office to alert the office of the gender change. In addition, you are advised to contact the Social Security Administration, to prevent any problems with data mismatches between that agency’s records and the information on file with the federal Department of Education, which administers federal student aid programs.

    @macaulay Email

    To change your @macaulay email address to show a preferred name, complete the Macaulay Student Name Change Form.

    Once changed, the old name remains as an “alias,” which means that if anyone sends email to the old address, it will still be automatically delivered to the new one, but students don’t have to use or see the old address at all anymore. Questions or concerns? Contact Senior Associate Dean and Chief Academic Officer Joseph Ugoretz at

    Macaulay ID/Cultural Passport

    To change the name listed on your Macaulay ID, complete the Macaulay Student Name Change Form.

    More information about the Macaulay ID/Cultural Passport can be found here. A Macaulay staff member will confirm once these details have been received by John Jay College. You will then have access to go to the John Jay Office of Public Safety to have your ID reprinted free-of-charge. Contact with any questions or concerns.

    Non-Blackboard Macaulay Courses (Eportfolios)

    In Eportfolios, you can choose your own names (both usernames and display names) right from the start, and you can change them at anytime.  You don’t need to notify anyone and there’s no permission or approval necessary. It’s all built right into the system and so you have complete control of making this change.  If you need additional help, you can be connected with a TLC (Teaching and Learning Collaboratory Fellow); please direct any questions to Dr. Lisa Brundage, Director of Teaching, Learning, and Technology,

    1. Go to your Edit my profile in the upper right of the Admin Bar under Howdy.
    2. Add a nickname if you want to use something not already listed.
    3. Choose your Display Name from the drop down list.
    4. Click Update Profile at the bottom of the page.

    Macaulay Communications & Macaulay Database

    Complete the Macaulay Student Name Change Form to update your name. This name change will be updated on all Macaulay e-communications and be updated in our Macaulay student database.

    Need to follow-up on your request after submitting the form?

    Macaulay e-communications: Contact Kathryn Lineberger, Director of Marketing & Recruitment Communications:

    Macaulay student database: Contact Diane Phillips, Director of Institutional Effectiveness:


    On CareerPath, you can update your name and gender identity by navigating to your profile icon on the top right of the homepage and selecting “My Profile” from the drop-down menu. On your profile page, click the pencil icon to edit your “preferred name” and “last name.” You also have the option to include or update your “Personal Information” (includes pronouns and gender). They can be updated at any time.

    If you have any further questions or concerns about CareerPath, contact Gianina Chrisman, Associate Director of Career Development, at

    Club Macaulay

    On Club Macaulay, you can update your name by editing your profile. After signing onto the system, navigate to and click on the upper-right corner Account icon > Edit Profile. You can erase what is listed in the First Name entry and input your preferred name there. Once you input and click the ‘Save,’ this preferred name will appear as your First Name to all users in the Club Macaulay system. 

    Need assistance accessing Club Macaulay or have further questions/concerns? Email the Student Development team at