Policies and Forms Index

Anti-Hazing Policy

Macaulay Honors College has a zero-tolerance policy for hazing. Macaulay Honors College students found in violation of New York State hazing laws will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from Macaulay Honors College.

AV Equipment Request Form

Students should use this form to request audiovisual equipment for class and independent projects.

For a list of equipment: Loaner AV Equipment

Bias Reporting Form

At Macaulay Honors College, our values and policy prohibit any kind of discrimination, mistreatment, aggression, action or retaliation on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, marital status, partnership status, disability, genetic information, citizenship, military or veteran status, pregnancy, or status as a victim of domestic violence/stalking/sex offenses, or any other legally prohibited basis in accordance with federal, state and city laws. This applies, whether the incident happens in person or online, on campus or off campus.

We take all reports of any such incidents seriously and investigate them, consulting with appropriate Macaulay staff and other resources such as campus agencies as needed.

Please use this form to report any such incidents that you may observe or experience involving Macaulay students. This form will submit your report directly to the Office of the Dean of Macaulay Honors College to insure a comprehensive and effective response.

Bias Reporting Form

Building Use Guidelines

The building is open Monday-Friday 7am-11pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-11pm. If the doors are locked when you arrive, please ring the doorbell located just above the left doorknob for access. Everyone needs to present CUNY ID upon entering the building (guests of CUNY students must also present ID). While in the building, all students and guests must follow the Building Use Guidelines.

Clery Annual Security Report

The Clery Annual Security Report includes crime, fire, and safety statistics for previous years provided by John Jay College of Criminal Justice for Macaulay Honors College. Please see contents for Macaulay specific information.

Consumer Information for Prospective and Current Students

For information about policies and procedures that apply to ALL CUNY students, including all Macaulay Honors College students, please visit the CUNY Consumer Information for Prospective and Current Students website.

Student Complaint Policies

Contact Information Update

Current Students, update your contact information here and sign up to receive important news and information at Macaulay.


Alumni, please use this form instead.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

Macaulay follows the CUNY Policy on Drugs and Alcohol.

Emergency Relief Fund

In April, CUNY launched the Chancellor’s Emergency Relief Fund to help students facing severe financial hardship from the COVID-19 crisis. This new fund provides students in need across all of CUNY’s campuses—including Macaulay Honors College—with $500 emergency grants.

Macaulay Honors College is participating in this CUNY-wide relief effort by transferring the balance of our modest emergency fund to the Chancellor’s Emergency Relief Fund to ensure that those students most in need will be able to get support as quickly as possible.  As a result, we are no longer accepting emergency fund applications.

Anyone may support the Chancellor’s Emergency Relief Fund  HERE.

If you’re concerned about yourself or someone else, please get in touch with the Student Support Team. The team’s mission is to ensure the safety, wellbeing, and personal growth of all members of the Macaulay community.

Additional links and resources are also available on our Student Well-Being page.

Enrollment Status Change Form

The Enrollment Status Change form is to be used for the following requests:

(1) Early Graduation; (2) Extended Graduation; (3) Part-time Status; (4) Leave of absence; (5) Withdrawal from Macaulay Honors College.


Expressive Activity and Public Demonstrations

Macaulay’s guidelines to request to schedule a group expressive activity.

Extended Tuition Funding Application

Macaulay Honors College announces an opportunity for extended tuition support for one or two semesters for up to 10 students per academic year (for a total of nine or ten semesters of funding). Extended funding applications from sophomores and juniors in good standing (only in exceptional cases from seniors) will be considered at the end of each fall semester. Students on extended funding will not be eligible to access the Opportunities Fund. A specially convened evaluation committee will consider all applications and make final determinations according to criteria based on a firm academic rationale. The deadline is November 15 for each upcoming academic year.

CUNY Henderson Rules

Macaulay Honors College follows the CUNY Henderson rule, in compliance with the Chapter 191 of the Laws of 1969, to maintain public order and college properties used for educational purposes.

Laptop Inventory Form

Annual Laptop Reinventory for Students, Faculty, Staff, & Instructional Technology Fellows

Nondiscrimination Policy

It is the policy of The City University of New York—applicable to all colleges and units— to recruit, employ, retain, promote, and provide benefits to employees and to admit and provide services for students without discrimination.

Religious Accommodation for Exam/non – Attendance for Students

Education Law Section 224-a, states the rights and privileges of students unable to attend classes on certain days because of religious beliefs, as mandated by New York State law.

Surveys and Forms (Graduation Requirements)

Keep your record up to date so you and your advisors will know you’re on track to complete everything for graduation. Log in now to:

Student Conduct & Disciplinary Procedures

Article XV of the CUNY Bylaws includes:

  • Conduct Standard Defined
  • Student Organizations
  • The University Student Senate
  • Student Disciplinary Procedures

If you would like to file a complaint about another student’s conduct and start an investigation, please email chris.daversa@mhc.cuny.edu

CUNY Student Policies & Procedures

The CUNY Student Policies and Procedures page links to key policy documents and information that assist with conducting the daily affairs of the University including academic and student affairs.

Workplace Violence Prevention Program

The City University of New York seeks to create and maintain a safe environment in which all members of the University community—students, faculty and staff—can learn and work free from the fear of sexual assault and other forms of violence. The University’s policies on Workplace Violence and Domestic Violence and the Workplace apply to all acts of violence that occur in the workplace or that may spill over into the workplace.

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