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Macaulay Honors College Has the Highest Completion Rate Among Public Honors Colleges and Programs

Macaulay Honors College has been recognized for its remarkably high rate of student academic completion by Public University Honors, an independent monitoring group. In a recently completed study, the organization surveyed the completion rates of 31 top honors colleges and programs nationwide. Macaulay headed the list, with a rate of 81.5%.

The honors completion rate measures the percentage of honors program entrants who not only graduated from the university, but also completed all honors program requirements.

Macaulay Dean Mary C. Pearl attributes Macaulay’s high completion rate to the college’s intensive advising programs. “Our students receive priority access to class registration, experiential learning, a thoughtfully constructed core curriculum, and specific work to build leadership, community, and intellectual self-confidence,” she explains.

In addition to completion statistics, Public University Honors tallied honors graduation rates, credit-hour completion requirements, and average 2020 SAT scores for first-year entrants.

For details, visit Public University Honors.