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Queens-born Sadaab Rahman, a double History and Political Science major at City College, will be choosing from over 10 acceptances from nationally-ranked law schools over next few weeks. He has received over $1 million in merit-based scholarships, and is excited to work towards his career as a malpractice attorney. 

Sadaab Rahman '20 (City College) and family
Sadaab Rahman ’20 (in red) and family.

Rahman has worked diligently to balance his studies with his recovery from symptoms caused by a rare neuro-inflammatory disorder called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. While in high school, Rahman found even the slightest breeze and touch unbearable to his leg, making it impossible for him to attend his junior and senior years. He took a gap year before attending college, during which he had multiple surgeries and underwent rigorous physical and occupational therapy. “It’s been a long road,” he says, “but I have been blessed to see progress on the medical side and everything else has followed.” He hopes that by sharing his story, others will shoot for the moon as he did.

When he isn’t binge-watching Better Call Saul, Rahman runs a sports website with his brother and analyzes prospective draft picks for the NBA and NFL. He is also working on another sports-oriented website and one day hopes to have his own sports agency.

by Rebecca West ’20 (Hunter)