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“Advising, even beyond teaching, is the most important activity because students develop explosively from dedicated informed guidance.”

As the Director of Macaulay at Lehman since its founding 18 years ago, Gary Schwartz is the longest serving member of Macaulay Honors College. Through his keen interest, compassion, dry wit, and wisdom, Gary has guided his students throughout their college careers and beyond, helping them to find their callings.

His dedication to this very special institution extends beyond well beyond the Bronx. When Macaulay needed someone with vision, dedication, and strong scholarly credentials to serve as Interim Dean of Academic Affairs, Gary stepped forward to serve the larger Macaulay community.

And more recently, Gary helped launch the newest addition to the Macaulay Honors College community: the Bridge Scholars Program for exceptional community college students.

He has spent thousands of days over his Macaulay career challenging and building up students to do more, to be more, and it shows. It shows not only in the awards, and academic and personal achievements of his students – it shows in their deep and abiding love and admiration for Gary himself.