Student and Alumni News

Eliane Aini ’19 (Brooklyn College) represents the third generation of CUNY students in her family. Her parents, as well as grandparents on her mother’s side, all attended Brooklyn College. But Eliane is the first generation to enjoy the benefits of Macaulay Honors College, which was founded in 2001.

Jack said that the Ainis chose Macaulay because it was local but also, more importantly, because “the education being offered was on par with some of the more notable out-of-town private universities.” He cited particularly the opportunity to study abroad that Eliane received at Macaulay. Victoria added that Eliane loves the “perks” of a high-quality education “without the guilt of spending a lot of money on a private education.”

The Ainis give back to Macaulay by donating both money and time. Jack explained, “Eliane was given an excellent free education courtesy of the generosity of others. I believe in contributing what I can so that others can enjoy and benefit in the future.”

Jack expressed enthusiasm for the future of Macaulay and its students. “The staff, alumni, and friends of Macaulay are paving the way for future graduates to benefit from a large network of professionals who can help secure positions for graduates in the fields of their choice,” he said. He went on, “Macaulay’s commitment to excellence will make it one of the most desirable and successful colleges around.”