Student and Alumni News

For students who received Opportunities Funds during Spring 2017 as an advance (with the exception of study abroad) a critical deadline is approaching.

Deadline to submit receipts is: May 26th.

It’s important that you submit documentation indicating exactly how your Opportunities Funds were appropriated, so that Macaulay may comply with a variety of federal, state and CUNY guidelines. If you participated in activities such as an academic conference, or if you were funded for anything related to professional development or graduate education, this applies to you. To find out what receipts you’ll need to submit, visit the Opportunities Fund Guidelines page, click on the category for which you received funding and search for the “Post (activity) Documentation Guidelines.”

To submit your receipts, we have created a streamlined option through the Opportunities Fund Electronic Application Form site:


Please login using your ePortfolio account information, and then select the option ‘Submit Receipts’. This will direct you to the ‘Receipts Submission Form’ where you will be guided to conveniently upload and submit all of your receipts. The form itself will also list the receipts that are necessary according to your activity.

Take note that students whose documentation doesn’t comply with the standards described on the Opportunities Fund Guidelines page may risk suspension of funds. So please contact Carolina Ruiz with any questions or concerns you may have.