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Holden Stein '18 (Baruch)
Holden Stein ’18 (Baruch)

“I do not think I could ever explain how much attending Macaulay Honors College at CUNY has changed/will change my life. We have all heard a lot about how much money is important to our wants and needs; our student activities, our study abroad trips, our pre-professional plans and aspirations. While we stick together in a time where the university’s money is especially valuable and critical, I think we should take a moment to realize how much this school has to offer.

I am proud to go to a school that rewards students based on their hard-work, discipline, and merit; despite whatever background they came from. I am proud to go to a school system that is made up of a vibrant and diverse community that takes on different forms and variations depending on which corner you turn or which room you walk into at your campus. I am proud of my classmates who are so unique and talented in their own ways and are setting up to be future leaders and role models to the people of the United States and the world at large. I am very grateful to be apart of a University where the students and administration come together to build a great University and promote a wonderful city school system in one of the greatest cities ever known in the history of modern civilization.”