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Macaulay Alumna Creates a New, Named Scholarship
to Support Opportunities for Students

Macaulay Honors College is pleased to announce that senior Lisa Dazzell is the 2018 recipient of the Kat Mateo Lead the Charge scholarship. The scholarship was created by one of Macaulay’s most passionate graduates, Kat Mateo ‘11 (Lehman), to fund transformative experiential learning. It is one of several recent, scholarship gifts by Macaulay graduates including Yosef Ibrahimi ‘05, Adam Dayan ‘05, Penny Phillips ‘10, and Jason Cohen ‘07. As the alumni establish themselves professionally and are inspired to support current students, these gifts represent a turning point for Macaulay, whose first class graduated in 2005.

The gift came as no surprise to Dean Mary C. Pearl, who said: “Kat showed the strength of her leadership skills as a Macaulay student, and has continued to generously give back in ways that empower the organization and support our students. Her commitment will help future generations of Macaulay students to graduate debt free.”

Lisa, whose home campus is Lehman College, was selected to receive the award for her academic excellence, leadership potential and expressed motivation to affect the world around her. The Kat Mateo Lead the Charge scholarship funded Lisa’s study abroad trip to Morocco in January 2018, where she explored the social and cultural construction of gender and other topics closely related to her studies as a Psychology and Africana Studies double major.

“It was an amazing opportunity for me,” says Lisa. “It made me more openminded and culturally aware of the relationship between religion and gender.”

Lisa hopes to one day to open a clinic that serves a diverse client base, specifically people of color, and credits her trip to Morocco with helping her sharpen that vision. “I learned about different ways to empower communities and people at an individual level,” said Lisa. “It is important to evaluate people based on the values they hold.”

“The importance of investing in youth is more relevant today, as political and social resistance is being fueled by our youngest leaders. Macaulay is a mecca for these change agents,” said Kat. “This is why I give. This is why I care. This is why my gift matters.”

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