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Six speakers, including four Macaulay alumni, joined students this past February to kick off Industry Talks, a new career development event in which students have the opportunity to meet and network with professionals from multiple industries. The first to be invited were representatives from ViaComCBS, Oxford University Press, MediaCom, WNYC, and Business Insider, well known media companies.

The speakers started the night with a panel discussion, covering topics from their first years in the industry to the most important factors of the hiring process. Students could be heard scribbling down notes and questions throughout the discussion, preparing themselves for engaging the panelists one-on-one during the round table segment.

For both students and panelists, speaking in a smaller group was one of the most memorable and helpful parts of the night. There were approximately five students and a panelist at each table, and after a ten minute conversation, the panelist switched tables so they could address everyone. Many students felt that this new format provided them with the opportunity to ask questions they may not have normally asked, while also enabling them to properly develop a connection to the panelists. “I wish I had this as a student,” says one panelist, “the roundtable was great!”

It can be difficult to find useful tips for applying for internships and jobs in the industry, but the small group discussions and supplemental documents provided valuable information about the companies represented and their potential career opportunities. Students found that they were walking away from the event with new skills and tips that would aid them in the future, such as researching the company before an interview or adding hiring managers on LinkedIn to form connections and build their network.

Karan Chachlani ’18 (Hunter), one of the panelists, says that as someone who was in the students’ shoes not too long ago, “The feeling they have—how to get an internship, how to get a job—it’s still very relevant to me.” He found that the students were receptive and open to the advice he gave them and he feels that this generation of students is doing an amazing job of taking advantage of resources and doing research. 

Chachlani also mentioned how meeting the other panelists was important. “It was helpful, even for me,” he says, “to meet older professionals and know what to model after.” As he continues to grow, opportunities like these give him a chance to learn more about the industry.  

Stephanie Litsas  ‘11 (Hunter) says that she loved the format of the event because it enabled students to learn more about each participant’s individual experiences and acquire information that was most relevant to them. Multiple students also contacted her after the event via LinkedIn or email, developing a connection that will last outside of “Industry Talks.” “I’m excited to see what the future holds for the Media students of Macaulay,” she says.

Students and alumni are invited to the next Industry Talks: A Networking Night with Technology Professionals, taking place April 30th.

By Rebecca West