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Student Awards

Thamara Jean, above, ’18 (Hunter) won a Rhodes Scholarship. READ

Elliot David ’19 and Joy Nuga ’17 were named Schwarzman Scholars, a prestigious designation that will help them develop their leadership skills while pursuing a master’s degree in global affairs at one of the top universities in China. READ

CUNY has announced that four of the eight recipients of the Jonas E. Salk Scholarships for the study of medicine and biomedical sciences are Macaulay students. The award provides $8,000 to each student to defray the cost of their medical and graduate research studies.

Lisset A. Duran ’18 (John Jay) will go to Princeton

Anan Kazi ’18 (City) will go to SUNY Downstate College of Medicine

Daniela Mikhaylov ’17 (Hunter) will go to Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Lily Lee ’18 (Brooklyn) will go to SUNY Downstate College of Medicine

Karishma Malhotra (Baruch), Isabel Gouse (Hunter), and Melissa Lent (Hunter), all class of 2020, won Jeannette K. Watson Fellowships. READ

Claire Lynch (City), Victoria DiTomasso (Hunter), Michael Mazzeo (Hunter), and Marielle Ray (Hunter), all class of 2018, have received Fulbright English Teaching grants. READ ABOUT THEM

Janice Lee ’18 (Baruch) won a Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship.

Libby Ho ’18 (City) will head to Changchun, China for two months this summer as a Critical Language Scholar. READ Saim Siddiqui ’18 (Hunter) is also a CLS winner.

Campus Valedictorians & Salutatorians

Baruch College: Kevin Savarese, salutatorian

Brooklyn College: Margaret Iuni, valedictorian

City College: Nicolas Yehya, valedictorian of City’s science division

Hunter College: Edward FriedmanMarie Mazzeo and Michael Mazzeo, valedictorians. Kristen Albanese, Karan Chachlani, Justin Chen, Kendra Cornelis, Hope Glassman, Lindsay Griffiths, Adam Hobbins, Charlie Houlton-Vinyl, Monica Huzinec, Arianna James, Thamara Jean, Seung Hee Kim, Slade Koval, Nicole Krishtul, Alec Levine, Emily Losi, Thomas Newman, Austen Rerick, Jennifer Shmukler, Saim Siddiqui, Yelena Suponya, salutatorians.

Alumni Awards

Tamar Lichter ’17 (Queens) has won a National Science Foundation Award in algebra, number theory and combinatorics; she received an NSF honorable mention in 2017 and is also the winner of a 2016 federal Goldwater Scholarship.

Allegra N. DePasquale has won a NSF Honorable Mention in biological anthropology.

Matthew LoCastro ’17 (Hunter) won a Luce Scholarship for Economic Development and Infrastructure READ

Class of 2018 Senior Awards

Macaulay Legacy Award

Recognizing exceptional co-curricular contributions to the Macaulay community that have provided a template for future student activities and outreach.

Jessica Castro, City College

Karan Chachlani, Hunter College

Alexandra Ehrreich, John Jay College

Robert Ferrando, College Of Staten Island

Max Fruchter, Queens College

Saumik Islam, Brooklyn College

Jacqueline Muallem, Lehman College

Michelle Sheu, Baruch College

Holden Stein, Baruch College

Christina Young, Baruch College


Macaulay Community Service Award

Recognizing outstanding volunteer service work that exemplifies Macaulay’s belief that every student must challenge him or herself to improve the lives of others

Lisa Dazzell, Lehman College

Nicolette Guida, College Of Staten Island

Elizabeth Higgins, College Of Staten Island

Libby Ho, City College

Margaret Iuni, Brooklyn College

Marina Juan, Baruch College

Mariyanthie Linaris, Queens College

Arlene Lopez, Queens College

Veena Mehta, John Jay College

Alexandra Montesinos, Hunter College

Kristian Mosquito, City College


Spirit of Macaulay Award

Recognizing a graduating senior whose outstanding leadership and overall contributions to Macaulay, CUNY, and beyond have created transformative experiences for students, faculty, and administrators.

Christopher Cali, Brooklyn College

Mitasha Palha, Lehman College


The Bruno Salazar Alumni Network Award

Named in honor of Bruno Salazar ’10, City College, for his courageous tenacity in the face of challenging circumstances.

Joshua Cutler, City College


The Dean’s Award for Civic Engagement

Edward Friedman, Hunter College

The Provost’s Award

The Macaulay Honors College Provost’s Award recognizes a graduating senior who has shown exceptional academic achievement, and has been granted significant opportunities after graduation.

Lindsay Griffiths, Hunter College

The Macaulay Pioneer Award

The Macaulay Honors College Pioneer Alumni Award recognizes a Macaulay Honors College alumnus/a who is courageously taking a unique path to success.

Christine Curella, Hunter College

CLASS OF 2018 Springboard Awards

The Macaulay Springboard Award recognizes students who have taken the idea of a thesis or capstone project in new directions. By reimagining the final project, pushing the boundaries of what research and scholarship can achieve, these students have launched new models, new ways of looking at their world, their studies, their communities, and their futures.

Alexandria Brown-Panisse, Lehman College
“When Crazy Isn’t Crazy Enough: Son of Sam and the Insanity Defense”

Samantha Dauer, City College
“‘Out of Character’: Fandom Roleplay, Character Identification, and Processes of Queer, Trans, and Nonbinary Becoming”

Haley Dobson, John Jay College
“Fit To Be Healthy: The Need for Customized Exercise”

Sophia Ebanks, City College
“To Be Young, Gifted, and a Black Girl: How Black Girls Build Resistance and Find Belonging in School”

Casey Goedtel, John Jay College
“Ted Bundy’s Media Presence: Then and Now”

Sayema Islam, Hunter College
“My Body, My Choice?: The Internet of Healthcare and the Need for a Standardized Ethical Code”

Nancy Larcher, City College
“The Geography of LGBTQ Collective Memory in New York City, 1945-1968”

Emily Kaye Mclane, John Jay College
“Why Return Man’s Best Friend? Shelter Strategies for Dog Adoption”

Alexander Robateau, City College
“Shouganai and its Implications in Clinical Psychology”

Katherine Sandomirsky, Hunter College
“Unveiling Soviet Lies: An Analysis of Chernobyl in the Media”

Martin Tang, Hunter College
“Can I Eat That?: Wild Plants and Urban Life”

Katherine Virgino, Hunter College
“Birds of a Feather: The Impact of Homophily on Female Entrepreneurship”

Kaitlyn Zhou, Hunter College
“In Pursuit of Cute: Genetics, Ethics, and Dog Breeding”

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