Stefano Ghirlanda

Stefano Ghirlanda came to Brooklyn College in 2010 as the Carol L. Zicklin Chair (Visiting Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies). In 2012 he was appointed professor in the Department of Psychology. He is also a Guest Professor at Stockholm University, Sweden, in the Centre for the Study of Cultural Evolution. He was named Director of Macaulay Honors College at Brooklyn College in 2017.

Prof.  Ghirlanda studies animal and human behavior trying to understand, broadly speaking, the evolution of intelligence. He investigates how animals make sense of new situations, how they learn from experience, and how learning complements and intertwines with innate knowledge. He also studies cultural phenomena, which are crucial to understand human intelligence and the evolution of societies.

Prof.Ghirlanda recieved his Ph.D. from Stockholm University – 2001 (Zoology, with concentration in ethology) and his  B.Sc. from the University of Rome – 1996 (Mathematical Physics).

Photo: Tatyana Bellamy-Walker for The Kingsman

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