Majid Sahin

Majid Sahin
Instructional Technology Fellow

City College
Program: Earth and Environmental Sciences

Majid Sahin is a doctoral student at the CUNY Graduate Center in the department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. He has a background in the physical, chemical, and engineering sciences. His current research interests are in lake ecosystems. He studies the interaction of primary producers (macrophytes) with the physical and chemical environments of lakes. He hopes to use or create a model that defines how such lakes work based on empirical data. He also hopes to measure the greenhouse gas emission of an urban shallow lake (Prospect Park Lake) on both the local and global scale to illustrate the importance of urban shallow lakes as sources of carbon into the atmosphere.

He enjoys teaching science courses and simplifying difficult science concepts for undergraduate students. He has taught courses at Brooklyn College in physics, chemistry, computer programming, math, and earth and environmental sciences. Majid uses many different approaches in science pedagogue including supplemental instruction, scale-up, and team-based learning. He is always eager to learn new ways to teach and help his students excel in higher education. Prior to working with Macaulay, Majid was an academic advisor and science teacher for the RISE (Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement) program at Brooklyn College.

During his free time he enjoys programming computer applications for fun, creating digital art and animations, reading, hiking, solving puzzles/games, and learning to play the piano.

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