Hamad Sindhi

Hamad Sindhi
Instructional Technology Fellow

Baruch College

Hamad Sindhi is a doctoral candidate in Sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center. His dissertation focuses on the role of games in learning, specifically looking at how game-based pedagogy in secondary schools fits into and/or shifts meanings around the purpose of learning, education reform, and the futurity of teaching and learning. He has completed the Graduate Center’s doctoral certificate in Interactive Technology & Pedagogy, and currently works as an Instructional Technology Fellow at CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College. Hamad has taught as an adjunct instructor at several CUNY colleges since 2011, including at Baruch College, City College, and Lehman College. He has also been involved in faculty-student governance at the Graduate Center, served as a Co-Chair for the Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Council, and received the 2017 CUNY Vice Chancellor’s Leadership award for his advocacy for and commitment to CUNY students.