What to do After a Career Fair

By Sebastian Leung

Hooray! You’ve just attended a career fair and you met some potential employers. Maybe you received some tips about your resume or your LinkedIn, but you’re pretty much done, right? Nope! Not so fast. One of the most important parts of the career fair is the time right after it. Here are a few things to do after the career fair that’ll help you stand out.

  • Follow Up! At the career fair, you’re probably handing out resumes left and right and receiving business cards in return. Now, it’s time to show that you’re more than a quick conversation and a piece of paper. Take the time to send a quick thank you note, phone call, or email to everyone you spoke to at the fair. Generally, you should do this within one to two days after the fair. Your follow-up doesn’t have to be long or wordy. In fact, it should be brief and to the point, thanking the recruiter for their time, and asking to stay in touch. Also, include a copy of your resume and re-indicate your interest in positions at their company.



*Tip: When receiving business cards, you can write on the back a note regarding something specific the recruiter mentioned that you can use in your thank you note. It showcases you’re an active listener and were engaged in the conversation. A great way to stand out!*


  • Follow Any Advice You Received! Sometimes, recruiters will give you advice or pointers about things at a career fair. This may not be directly related to jobs or positions, but it could be in relation to improving your resume or how you present yourself. This advice is very important, as it is coming from the people directly you are trying to get jobs from. Make sure you listen to their advice!



  • Take Action! If you received any information about open positions or online applications from recruiters, apply as soon as possible. Upload your resume and info while you’re still fresh in the company’s mind.



The best thing to do after a career fair is to just stay active and take advantage of any opportunities you may have gained from the fair. Connect with recruiters, learn more about the companies, and soon you’ll land some interviews.

Our next Career Fair will be the Health Science Resource Fair on Friday, November 9th from 10am – 3pm. You can RSVP here.