Tips for a More Productive Morning

By: Marie-Elise Milius


Mornings are rough, especially when our beds are so warm and comfortable. However the sun rises whether you care for the morning hours or not. To discover tips that will increase productivity in your morning routine for your college and professional careers, keep reading:


Get Enough Sleep

Look, we want to stay in bed longer because we have terrible sleeping schedules. How many of us had a terrible adjustment to waking up for class after Winter Break? I know I did! The most healthy adults get about 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. With this amount of rest you are not as irritable, you are more alert, and you have the energy to get through the day. So put the phones down, they will be there when you wake up!


Purchase a REAL Alarm Clock

Half of us use our phones as alarm clocks and put at least 4 different alarms with 5 minute intervals, which is a bad habit. Regular Alarm Clocks are much louder. A trick to forcing yourself to wake up is placing your alarm clock across the room, so you HAVE to get up to turn it off the sound. 


Create a Morning Routine

Because of a lack a sleep, our cognitive abilities do not work to its fullest potential;  it is difficult to remember every little task needed to be prepared for the day. We tend to forget to take daily pills, pack a book, or even worse, our headphones. A short list of what you do on a regular basis, will ensure you complete it every morning. Here’s a sample list:



  1. Drink 16oz of water before leaving my home
  2. Ask myself, did I take my multivitamin?
  3. Pack a snack for class
  4. KEYS!



Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Eating breakfast will definitely change your mood in the morning, helps with productivity and concentration. Check out this cool article on why you should eat breakfast.


These are just a few of the several different tips out there to help productivity. Here’s a brief video that reveals more ways to increase productivity.

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