The Importance of Talking to Your Coworkers

By: Sebastian Leung


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Emails, texts, phone calls – we never seem to stop communicating with each other nowadays. Why? Communication has never been easier. There are so many ways to communicate with so many different people. On my phone, I have at least six different apps I use for messaging my friends. There are even special apps that make it easy to message your coworkers without ever stopping by their desk to actually speak to them. Shout out to Slack! Yet, in this age of technology and communication – are we really connecting with one another?


Communicating is more than just sending someone a message, an attachment, or an assignment. True communication involves actually connecting with someone, often through face-to-face conversation. Face-to-face conversation is extremely beneficial; this is why it’s so important that you speak to your coworkers about non-work related topics when you get the opportunity. Below are some important reasons why you should spend time talking to your coworkers.


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It’s Good for Your Brain

Speaking with coworkers is good for you – on a scientific level! Research shows that face-to-face interaction releases hormones in your brain which boost your mood, improve trust, and increase your ability to learn and remember. These hormones will not be released over video chats, messages, or emails. The qualities you gain from face-to-face conversation will help you collaborate better with your coworkers, be more productive at work, and overall feel happier and healthier.


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It Can Help Further Your Career

Through face-to-face conversation, our relationships with our coworkers are improved exponentially compared to communicating via text or email. Through face-to-face conversation, people will trust you much more. They are more likely to mention career opportunities or friends they have that may be able to help you further your career. It can also help you discover new opportunities or people in different departments that you may truly benefit from meeting. Because of this, it’s important to have that casual chat with your coworkers instead of just emailing them.


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It Can Help You do Better at Work

As stated before, face-to-face conversation is extremely beneficial to your mental health. This translates directly to your work performance. Through face-to-face conversation, people build trust and are much better at collaborating on future projects and working together. It also gives you a few minutes each day to take a much needed break away from your desk which will allow you to focus better and be more productive after your break. Often times, through face-to-face conversation, great ideas or solutions are often created.


As you can see, face-to-face conversations can greatly benefit your work performance and experience, on top of your personal health. Make sure you take a break from work occasionally and spend a few minutes to connect with those around you.

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