Laptop Testimonials

Syleste Alexander '22 (CSI)

LAST FALL, ALL INCOMING STUDENTS  received new laptops. These computers were not just essential tools for learning, but proved to be vital lifelines for students and their families. We thank the Macaulay Honors College Foundation Board, along with the foundations, philanthropists, parents, alumni, faculty and staff who all contributed to the Laptop Campaign. Below are just a few examples of how this generosity made a real difference in the education—and lives—of our honors scholars.

For so many of our students, getting their own laptop has been a real game changer. To ensure that Macaulay can continue providing future students with laptops, please consider making a special gift today!


MICHELLE HERNANDEZ – this laptop “made all the difference in my work ethic.”
Michelle lives in Harlem and is of Dominican descent. After graduation she plans to attend graduate school and pursue a career in education. She enjoys listening to music recommended by friends, reading, and scoping out new thrift stores. Having a new laptop during a pandemic, “made it so much easier to access online classes and resources.” Her new laptop allowed her to have multiple tabs open without crashing, which is every college student’s nightmare while writing a paper or studying. Her weekly Zoom meetings ran smoothly and she felt “like a more productive student” all thanks to her new laptop. “Frankly, when I received this laptop, it made me more excited to start my first semester, and it made all the difference in my work ethic.”
EMMA SASSOUNI – the laptop “was a game changer.”
Emma intends to pursue a career in accounting, but remains open to other paths in business. She serves as a representative on the Scholars Council, runs events on student life, participates on the diversity committee, and is involved with the Macaulay Business Club. On her home campus, she is involved in the Women in Business club. Emma also runs her own private tutoring business for students in all levels of math. She enjoys staying active and playing the trumpet. “Virtual learning made having a laptop a necessity. Prior to entering college I did not have a laptop, so this one was a game changer. I am so thankful for my laptop. I use it every day for Zoom classes, taking notes, homework, free time, and everything in between.”
DANIEL WRONSKI - can do “so much more…thanks to getting this laptop”
Daniel majors in Biochemistry, and is interested in becoming a doctor. He enjoys creative writing and science. He is a member of SCRIBE, a creative writing club that publishes work monthly. “This laptop has given me opportunities to use programs that would not be available on other devices. It is also very sleek and small enough for portable use, but it is still big enough for good use. Some of the programs include the Microsoft Office Suite and Google Earth. There is so much more we can do thanks to getting this laptop.
JOIE NING – the laptop “…has made working much less chaotic.”
“My laptop has been essential to my college education by providing me with a resource I use everyday for my schoolwork and more! Before I got the MacBook, I had to use either the shared family computer or deal with my old laptop that had keyboard and hardware malfunction issues, so getting the laptop has made working much less chaotic. Also, the connection to my iPhone makes it easy to communicate with people when I don’t have my phone with me.”