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Macaulay Honors College defines an internship as a carefully monitored, substantive preview of a career or profession with clear learning goals. To reach these learning goals, an internship encompasses:

  • Defined expectations
  • Orientation and training
  • Supervision and mentoring
  • Evaluation of the experiences by both student and a supervisor
  • Real work. While all entry-level positions involve clerical work, daily tasks in an internship are substantive, with less than 35% clerical work.
Macaulay students are required to complete an internship or study abroad during their undergraduate career. To satisfy the Macaulay requirement for completing an internship, you should:

  • Pursue an internship that advances your academic and professional goals.
  • Discuss the potential internship with your Macaulay Advisor and submit an Internship Learning Agreement once you secure the internship.
  • Report all internship experiences, even those undertaken subsequent to meeting the Macaulay Honors College requirements.
  • Submit an online Internship Evaluation Form.
  • Ensure that your supervisor completes the Internship Evaluation Form.
  • Time requirements:
    • Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring Semester Internships/Undergraduate Research: minimum of 100 hours.
Identify possible internships as early as possible, ideally, three months prior to the beginning of the term in which you will intern.

Searching for Jobs
CareerPath is the main resource for connecting Macaulay students to internship, research, and other general opportunities offered by employers. Check the job widget on the sidebar for a small sampling of the latest jobs and internships offered by employers through CareerPath.

Current students can log into CareerPath here.

Besides Macaulay Honors College, internships can be found through a number of resources such as your home campus and external sites.

View our guidebooks for tips on applying to internships and more
Interning internationally can be an excellent opportunity for students to further broaden horizons and obtain a global perspective that is attractive to future employers.

International internships can be found through various websites with student reviews and we highly encourage students to conduct thorough research to determine the right fit for them.  There are a number of organizations that match students to internships in a variety of fields.

Some international internships may be paid.  Each provider has a varying fee level.  Macaulay students may be able to use the Opportunities Fund to supplement their experience.  Discuss the position with your Advisor as early as possible and be sure to fill out the CUNY Travel Waiver (required).

Be careful to vet international experiences, particularly from third party companies.  For a list of questions to ask, click here.

Some examples of review websites are below.   Please note that Macaulay Honors College does not vet or endorse these providers
Some internships may not provide financial compensation but nonetheless offer significant learning experiences. The Opportunities Fund can be used to cover the cost of an experience that meets the Macaulay Honors College definition of an internship but is unpaid and for which you do not receive academic credit. Additionally, the Opportunities Fund can be used to finance travel expenses associated with internships outside New York City. You may also be eligible for a grant from the New York Community Trust. Speak to your Advisor about funds available to support your internship before applying.

The purpose of this form is to create a detailed commitment between the student completing the internship or undergraduate research and the organization. This is needed to complete graduation requirements (see Student Handbook section “V. Academic Enrichment Opportunities”) or if the student wishes to use the Opportunities Fund to cover the cost of an internship or undergraduate research project that is unpaid and for which you do not receive academic credit.

Internship Learning Agreement Form | Download PDF 
The purpose of the Internship/Research Evaluation is threefold:

  • To provide information for other Macaulay students (and the Honors College) about your internship/assistantship, your employer organization and your supervisor
  • To provide you the opportunity to reflect upon your internship/assistantship experience and relate it to your academic life
  • To initiate the process of updating your resume and/or developing a “personal statement” for later use in applying to graduate and professional schools.
  • The Internship Evaluation Form will appear in CareerPath once the Internship Learning Agreement has been submitted.
    Visit CareerPath or learn more here. 

For more information, please contact

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Gianina Chrisman
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Research Assistantships

Macaulay students work with prestigious CUNY faculty members as they pursue original research about a given intellectual field of inquiry. 

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