Career Guides

It’s no secret that Macaulay students and alumni are highly sought after by top companies seeking to hire high-achieving individuals for jobs, internships, and research assistantships. But when first applying for positions, students understandably often reach out for help with how to effectively present themselves.

That’s why Career Development has organized a comprehensive set of resources below to help Macaulay students excel at every part of the career process.


These in-depth guides provide key advice to Macaulay students for finding and landing jobs, from writing an effective resume to using CareerPath to search for openings.

Internship by Field
  • Introduction
  • Accounting, Business, and Finance
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Government, Politics, and Economics
  • Health Services
  • Museums
  • Pre-Law
  • Public Relations and Marketing
  • Publishing and Journalism
Career Development Guide: Interview Questions Cover
Interview Questions by Industry
  • Interviews 101
  • Common questions by industry
  • Key takeaways
  • Resources at your campus

The Ultimate Guide to Networking
  • What is Networking?
  • How to Approach Networking Events
  • Maintaining Connections
  • Informational Interviews
  • Virtual Networking
  • Career Mentoring
  • A Mini Guide for Introverts
  • Review of Key Points

Career Development Remote Job Guidebook Cover
Remote Job Guidebook

  • The Job Search
  • Networking
  • Video and Phone Interviewing
  • Working from Home
  • Review of Key Points

Searching For Jobs

  • How to Land Your Internship
  • Suggested Timeline for Internship
  • Internship and Job Searching
  • Websites
  • Macaulay Portal Exclusive Access
  • Avoiding Scams
  • Protection for Interns in the Workplace
  • Salary Tools

Building Your Online Portfolio/Brand

  • eportfolios@macaulay
  • Building a Great Student Profile on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Profile Development Checklist
  • Tips for Computer Science/Graphic Design Portfolios

Career Fair Guide

  • Career Fair Tips
  • Prepare for the Fair
  • Sample Student Business Card Instructions
  • How to Use the Macaulay Business Card Template
  • Networking Tips
  • A Student’s Perspective

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

  • Resume Writing Tips
  • Sample Resume
  • Sample Graphic Design Resume
  • Sample Technical Resume
  • Cover Letter Writing Tips
  • Cover Letter Sample
  • Using Action Verbs
  • Indicate Your Macaulay Education: Resumes & LinkedIn

Interview Prep

  • Interview Tips
  • Interview Questions
  • Resources at Your Campus

Macaulay Career Connect, Mentee Guidebook
Macaulay Career Connect, Mentee Guidebook

  • Contacting your future mentor
  • Tips for a successful first meeting
  • How to be a great mentee
  • Get the most out of the relationship

CareerPath User Guide

  • Macaulay CareerPath User Guide
  • CareerPath for Alumni
  • CareerPath for DACA and International Students
  • CareerPath How-To-Videos

Internship by Field

Internships by Industry. Here, you will find internships, fellowships, and programs for the most popular majors pursued by Macaulay students.

Student and Alumni Career Programs

Learn more about Macaulay programs specifically designed to help connect students and alumni with opportunities to advance and explore their career interests.

External Resources for Macaulay Students

Check out exclusive resources that have partnered with Macaulay to help students get career advice and get connected with employers.


Company and Internship Reviews, Tips, and Application

A comprehensive career resource, Vault enables you to research employers and industries, gain career advice, and apply to jobs and internships. Whether you are just exploring possible career paths or are ready for an interview, Vault can help. Take advantage of your FREE MACAULAY ACCESS to the trusted Vault resource!

Click here to go to Vault

Accenture’s Skills to Succeed Academy

This free immersive, online learning program will help you build skills and confidence to choose the right career, find a job and be successful in the workplace. It’s like a flight simulator for the world of work where you can get ready for real-life situations – such as a job interview or the first day of work – with coaching and feedback along the way. You can choose from 36 interactive, bite-sized learning modules to create your own personalized learning path.
  •  Register on and click “Learner Registration”
  •  Enter your details, including your Learner Access Code: 04NYmh
  •  Click “create new account”

Visit Skills to Succeed Now

Have any specific questions about your career goals?

For specific needs or goals for going above and beyond their career aspirations, broad or specific, students can reach out to Gianina Chrisman for individualized assistance. She is willing to give students one-on-one help with any topic from resume writing to interview help.

The Macaulay Building is closed until further notice. All classes, meetings, and appointments will take place remotely.