Career Development

Experience is needed for the job market and applications for graduate school. Many people are under the impression that working on career comes after college. But think about how full and expansive your resume can be by getting involved on campus, working during the summer as an intern or volunteering.

Alums, we are here to serve and assist in your job search too! Contact our office or utilize CareerPath to view open positions we have in our database. For alums who are not searching for jobs, there are ways for you to get involved as an alumni mentor.

Read our letter to students regarding Career Development during these unprecedented times.


CareerPath provides access for students and alumni to current job listings, internships, and research assistantships.

CareerPath also includes: resume writing advice and sample resumes, interview practice tips, salary information, and employer profiles.


Career Guides

Guides and programs designed specifically for Macaulay students give them the tools they need to succeed at any level of experience in their career pursuits.

Service Requirements

Career Coaching

For students and alumni at any level in their career aspirations, Career Development offers personalized, one-on-one coaching to help them succeed.

Macaulay Mentors Program

To help students in their chosen academic concentration and professional aspirations, Macaulay fosters mentoring relationships between students and alumni.

Meet the Employers

Meet Employers

Learn more about a field of interest or a particular company while meeting potential employers.


See a list of organizations that offer internships and learn how Macaulay students land key roles around New York City.

Research Assistantships, Zachary Gershon has won a Goldwater Scholarship for research

Research Assistantships

Macaulay students work with prestigious CUNY faculty members as they pursue original research about a given intellectual field of inquiry. 

Advising and Support

Student support takes many forms at Macaulay, with our network of professionals dedicated to advising.

Meet the Career Development Team:

Gianina Chrisman

Gianina Chrisman
Associate Director of Career Development

Macaulay Honors College
(212) 729-2947(212) 729-2947
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Jamie Ruden

Jamie Ruden
Career Program Coordinator

Macaulay Honors College
(212) 729-2906(212) 729-2906
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