Opportunities Fund FAQs

How may I use the Opportunities Fund?
Opportunities Funds are designed to support study abroad, research and internship opportunities.


How do I access the Opportunities Fund?
Working closely with their Macaulay advisors, students must submit a well-written proposal and application to be considered for Opportunities Funds. A committee reviews and approves valid requests. Students receive a check mailed to the address listed on the FAFSA application, unless they are signed up for direct deposit at their home campus.


Where does this money come from?
The Opportunities Fund is fully supported by private philanthropy from individuals, foundations and corporations.


What determines the amount of my grant?
The $1500 is readily available to all who present cogent proposals approved by their advisors and the committee. The higher level grants reflect particular requirements from a list of other opportunities, which will be made available before the application period.


Who selects Opportunities Fund recipients?
A committee of advisors reviews proposals and selects the recipients.


When can I begin applying for this money?
Typically you may begin applying for funds during the spring semester of your sophomore year.