Seminar 4: Shaping the Future of New York — Focus: The Eco-History of a Fragile Place

Instructor: Edward (Ted) Widmer
Wednesdays, 10:00 – 12:40 PM
Course Code: MHC 353-02
Modality: Hybrid

New York famously breeds toughness, but it is vulnerable as well, especially in an era of rising sea levels. For centuries, a spectacular natural setting was an important reason for the city’s rise, as merchants and immigrants came across the Atlantic Ocean, and followed the Hudson River into the vast interior. But in recent years, we have just how fragile New York’s setting is, with rising damage from storms, aging infrastructure, and uncertainty about how rising sea levels and global warming will affect a huge metropolis. In this seminar, we will combine deep historical analysis with a clear-eyed study of the problems that are coming quickly to policy-makers and citizens alike. ​