Personalized Tech Guidance

Macaulay students will tell you there’s a huge difference between a class with an Instructional Technology Fellow and one without. An ITF coaches student ideas and visions into reality through tech tools like multimedia production, data analytics and more.


What is Instructional Technology?

It’s using technology to accelerate teaching and learning. In 1795 instructional technology included the newly-invented pencil. Today it’s digital maps, geographic information systems, video and other multimedia presentation tools, gaming, databases and archives.

Instructional technology inspires creativity in students, provides more access to information and helps them hone their ideas and their work.


How an Instructional Technology Fellow Helps

Macaulay ITFs enrich our students’ academic achievements by:

  • implementing tech tools that streamline coursework and classroom collaboration
  • coaching student use of technology to present their ideas
  • helping students take advantage of CUNY technical offerings


Academic Bonds, Professional Relationships

Macaulay Instructional Technology Fellows are a highly-regarded and tight knit group. They are dedicated to sharing technical knowledge and inspiring students to stronger, more relevant work.

ITFs maintain frequent and direct contact with students, often working with them over the span of their academic career. They provide mentorship, references and referrals in addition to academic guidance.


Uniquely Macaulay

The Macaulay Instructional Technology Fellow is a unique role, created by CUNY when the college was chartered in 2000. ITFs are doctoral students at the CUNY Graduate Center, allowing Macaulay to draw on the instructional and technical experience of a talented pool of young scholars across a wide range of academic disciplines.

“The great thrill of working as an ITF is seeing a project through with a student, from inspiration to creation and implementation.”

– Lisa Brundage, Macaulay ITF

“Students are encouraged to use technology in innovative ways, and the ITFs are there to help. With Lisa’s guidance I founded the Macaulay Messenger, an online newspaper for students at all campuses.”

– Kanika Khanna ’13 College Of Staten Island

Advising and Support

Student support takes many forms at Macaulay, with our network of professionals dedicated to advising.