Night at the Museum

Macaulay’s Night at the Museum is the opening event of Macaulay’s Arts in New York honors seminar that welcomes incoming students for a special encounter with art and conversation. At Night at the Museum, no other guests, except for Macaulay students, will have access to the museum’s galleries and collections.

Students will engage in an innovative assignment. While looking at works of art, they will record audio of their own reactions and those of their classmates to what they see. At the same time, they will also take photos to capture the images of the art to which they are reacting. Over the semester, at media arts workshops, the students will edit their audio recordings and photos into an original edited video project.

The projects will be shared in the classroom as a part of the Arts in New York honors seminar and students will have a new means to discuss and compare notes on how they integrated art and technology in an original way. Using Smarthistory’s unique conversational methodology, supported by Macaulay’s Instructional Technology Fellows, students will look closely at the works of art, discussing what they think and notice, and make connections to their personal/emotional responses.

Technology is integrated into every aspect of the Macaulay curriculum and student life. Breaking down the walls of the classroom and helping students engage with the vast resources of New York City and the world beyond is just one of the key goals of a Macaulay Honors College education. Macaulay Night at the Museum is one example of how this integrated mission is put into practice.

Arts in New York City

In this fall seminar, first year students are immersed in the arts of New York City.