Meet Our Students

Hear from students, alumni, and advisors about what it is like to be a part of the Macaulay Honors College community.

Andrew Bandini (John Jay College)

Andrew Bandini describes a day in the life of a Macaulay student.

Leslie Epps (City College)

Architecture student Leslie Epps talks about Macaulay advising.

Yeniliz Peguero (College of Staten Island)

Yeniliz Peguero talks about Macaulay advising.

Macaulay Board of Directors | Michael Grohman

Michael Grohman on why his firm hires Macaulay graduates.

Adam Hobbins (Hunter College)

Adam Hobbins, from Rochester, New York, explains why Macaulay was the right choice for him.

Maxim Bakaleynik '10 (Baruch College)

“The city becomes your quad and you have an experience like no one else”

– Maxim Bakaleynik

Cynthia Perez Beltethon '14 (Hunter College)

“I didn’t realize I was going to have all that support”

– Cynthia Perez Beltethon

Carlsky Belizaire '15 (Queens College)

“I was able to go on three different trips over the winter session”

– Carlsky Belizaire

Kristen Cournane '19 (Queens College)

“Because at 18, even if you think you know what you want to do, it’s a ball game you have to play it out and see where you end up”

– Kristen Cournane

Victoria Smith '20 (Lehman College)

Hear from Victoria Smith ’20 about her experience at Macaulay.

Ahmed Farooq '19 (Baruch College)

“You will meet some of the most passionate, the brightest, the most driven students”

– Ahmed Farooq

Macaulay Advisors

Find out why Wynter Green (Advisor at Queens College), Lisa French (Director & Advisor at College of Staten Island), and William Lang (Advisor at City College) love Macaulay and how they help their students achieve their goals.

Macaulay Advisor | Wynter Green

“Macaulay is a place where it’s impossible to get lost. You have a lot of people that are looking out for you”

– Wynter Green

Macaulay Advisor | Lisa French

“Life is both too long and too short to do something that you really aren’t happy for”

– Lisa French

Macaulay Advisor | William Lung

“We really care about these students and how they fulfill their potential”

– William Lung