Macaulay at John Jay College

Unique in its mission, John Jay College prepares its students to build and sustain just societies by using their talents to make a difference for themselves and others.

Macaulay students at John Jay learn how to transform their ideas into social action and leadership as they pursue a rigorous liberal arts curriculum. Whether it is in the pages of The Lancet, across from opposing counsel, or behind a podium, John Jay students, graduates, and faculty make their mark on the world.

By bringing their research into the classroom, John Jay professors engage students in some of the most salient issues of the day, from the politics of crime and violence in the favelas of Brazil, to the impact of environmental toxins in neurodegenerative diseases, to the use of social networks to map social inequalities.

Through course work, research, internships, community service, and other learning experiences, John Jay students develop into highly ethical actors with the skills, knowledge, and passion to bring about real, enduring change in the world.



  • Learn from Pulitzer Prize winning faculty and distinguished professors across the disciplines
  • Benefit from close faculty mentoring in John Jay’s nationally-acclaimed PRISM program while conducting research in state-of-the-art science labs
  • Engage in dialogue with scholars, policy makers, and communities of practice to confront injustice and formulate solutions


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Macaulay Directors and Honor Student Advisors

Aisha Abdelmula

Aisha Abdelmula
Macaulay Honors Advisor for John Jay

John Jay College
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Macaulay Honors College takes a holistic approach to enrollment, admitting students based on a combination of academic and personal factors.