Sponsor a Macaulay Event

Companies that underwrite an event on campus form deep connections with Macaulay communities.

August: IDEAS Day

New students receive communication tools including a brand-new MacBook Air and attend tech sessions. 575 attendees.
Keywords: technology

September: BioBlitz

Macaulay sophomores collaborate with scientists in this 24-hour hands-on research event outdoors. 600 attendees.
Keywords: STEM education, technology, research, sustainability

October: Fall Fete

An alumni party and silent auction. 6,000 invitees.
Keywords: networking

December: STEAM Festival

Students present critical inquiry in the arts and sciences before members of the wider academic and professional community. 1,100 attendees.
Keywords: STEM education, mentoring, research, professional development

January: January Academy

A week of interesting workshops, informal classes and events during winter break for students and alumni.
Keywords: professional development

March: Diversity Week

A student-led celebration of Macaulay’s diverse population featuring events and projects across all eight campuses.
Keywords: diversity, community

April: CUNY Film Festival

The largest and longest-running student-produced film festival of its kind. Free and open to all on multiple campuses.
Keywords: the arts, media, diversity

April: City Nature Challenge

Part of a campaign to bring together nature lovers of all ages in the greenspaces of their communities, with events throughout the 5 boroughs. 2,000 attendees.
Keywords: volunteerism, community, STEM education, sustainability

May: Futures of New York Conference

Students present academic research that examines how public policy shapes urban development. 1,100 attendees.
Keywords: academic research, equality, diversity

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  • Distinguished speaker events
  • Naming opportunities
  • Academic programming
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