Keeping traditions alive: @DeanValdesMHC was named an honorary madrina by @ElMuseo as part of their #3KingsDay celebration. 👑💎🐪Honorees are nominated for contribution to the NYC Latinx communities.
Registration is now open for Macaulay’s January Academy on Jan 25–26, 2022. https://t.co/qQrsy0OLM8

January Academy is a program for the Macaulay community to gain skills and knowledge in topics that are not often part of traditional college curricula. https://t.co/vrpgAmsV5m
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No need to stand on line at the Post Office to mail that #boxofcash. 💰💰We accept all major credit cards, wire transfers, stocks and payroll deductions to help fund amazing programs for our students. https://t.co/QFdsLSbJvI
This week in Macaulay Monday: as the semester winds down, we celebrate student activist. Plus, the Reading Room is open 24/7 for your study needs. Have a great week. - https://t.co/MObzBKlmFo https://t.co/r0audk3fqx macaulayhonors photo
Macaulay Prof. @DrKellyODonnell is a #bioliteracy influencer! Her recently co-authored article in Citizen Science Theory & Practice shares 3 fascinating case studies for using @iNaturalist to improve student science education. READ https://t.co/J0C5PQQNrl
"The book tells the story of Lincoln’s personal development as a newly elected leader." Sen. @Maggie_Hassan listed Macaulay Prof. @ted_widmer's book among the best reads of 2021. https://t.co/BR3vAaO4XE

Macaulay Honors College at CUNY is a highly selective college where New York’s most promising students receive the financial and academic support to realize their leadership potential and graduate debt-free.
The advisor-to-student ratio at Macaulay is among the highest at US honors colleges, providing exceptional academic and professional guidance to each student.

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